Passion and tradition for more than 40 years

Morlacchi’s confectionery is the accomplishment of a journey begun in the ’70s, the fruit of one simple and clear idea: the willingness to do things right. Beside the cafeteria, modern and cozy, it has recently become true a new, corageous project: a workshop visible from the street, a microcosm of industrious hands and skilled manners, turned to the passers-by who can glance at it at any moment, as a guarantee of a full transparency.

There is no love more sincere
than that for dessert

The willingness to do things right expresses itself in a daily practice and in continuos updatings, in the selection of extraordinary raw materials, and in zero compromises. Morlacchi’s Nougat is the manifesto which reveals the work of three families tied together by a common goal: producing and being able to propose Quality. And getting better in doing it every day.


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